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Beautifully done. It's America alright.

Bob Schnebelen | 2010-08-10
En riktigt fet anläggning - respekt!

Anders i Skåne | 2010-05-31
Outstanding layout. Congratulations!

Rod | 2010-03-28
I have tried to contact Tommy Anderrson on your contact page, but it does not work. I live in Australia and I am coming to Stockholm on the first of May for a few days and then to a friends house in Molltorp. I would like to visit the Jarfalla club when I am in Stockholm, could you please send me an email.

Gary Wheatley | 2010-03-26
A very good layout. After reading the Model Railroader I looked it up on the net and found a very realistic layout and this is the sort of layout I would love to build here in Australia for my friends and myself to run. Thank you for being able to visit the top layout.

Allen Purse | 2010-03-26
Excellent work guys. The scenery is extremely realistic! Congratulations

Andre rochon | 2010-03-24
Very well done. I'm a member of the Firelands Society of Model Railroaders in Ohio. We hope to capture the essence of Railroading on our new layout. We will see you in the model press in the future.

Rick Fowler | 2010-03-23
Well done...I'd be interested in seeing a Sweedish layout , or two, and what techniques are used to replicate local systems. And, can you guys smile....just kidding!

Bill Stone
Huntington, NY, USA

Bill Stone | 2010-02-24
Congratulations for such a great model railroad. Keep up with the good work, as you will be an inspiration for model railroaders all over the world.
Best regards, from Chile, South America

Karl H. Lorenz | 2010-02-22
Great looking layout. The practice of changing eras on an regular basis is very appealing, I haven't seen that practise in print before now. Great work. Cass Casinger, Texas, USA.

Cass Casinger | 2010-02-21
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