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Vi önskar alla besökare en God Jul och ett GOTT NYTT ÅR
Väl mött Juli 2009

We wish all visitors Merry Christmas and a HAPPY NEW YEAR
See you all in Juli 2009

Behind the pen

Vi önskar er alla EN RIKTIGT GOD JUL och ETT GOTT NYTT ÅR!
Vi ser fram emot nästa års linedance i Mullsjö.
On Line (Stockholm)
Gunilla, P.O, Anne och Mia

Hej på er
Kul att ni återkommer år efter år
Hjärtligt välkommna skall ni känna er

W've created a slideshow, see :
or use the direkt link in the guestbook on our homepage
It was a pleasant event again this summer

Hi Evert & Astrid
Its a great slideshow you have created
I have already mail out it to our
Thanks its always great to have you here on dancefloor. I hope and belive i can have some suprice for you the next year.
Favourite dance: Singing The Song
Hey, to all of you.
We've come home yesterday from a beautiful holliday in Sweden and Norway. Thanks to you AStardancers had a full weekend of dance and joy. It felt nice to see you back again and to see new faces on the floor.
Thanks a lot for all the workshops.
Of all the dances I have learned, I think I'll remember the Birddance even when I'll be retired.
I enjoyed teaching you some of our favorite dances. We'll add Respect to it.
Hope to CU soon, maybe when you celebrate Spring 2009 in Holland.
Veel liefs,

HI Astrid
Its always nice to have you here together with AStars dancers and have fun dance together. I keep you informed how we doo in springtime 2009, i know ther are some dancers who will travel down to you.
Send my warmest regards to the famely Geluek ( Mabey its wrong spelling ) I missed sayd Goodbye to them I know they will come next year again. They are very welcome to us.
Have the best vacation and very good automn. I start my own small group in August i think.
My best to all Deutch people
Veel liefs
Nu ligger det ute många roliga bilder från HSLD på The Puzzles hemsida, kolla gärna in fotogalleriet och kanske hittar du en bild på dig själv!

Now there is a lot of nice pictures from HSLD on the Puzzles website, check on "Fotogalleriet" and maybe you'll find a picture on yourself!

Thank you Elina I have look at them by my self Its nerely 300 picture you have ther.
I have not time to take so much self. The most was the show AStars dancers made for Thomas birthday we celebration in Karls Krog after dance on Saturday.
I belive we can loan some picture from all yours to our site
Hope you feel better soon

Thanks a lot for o funfilled event!

Hi Anna
Its always funny to have you here at the floor
You give us a great time
Hope you come back the next year
Favourite dance: Before the Devil
Tack for en trevlig helg (som vanligt) Vi hade ju tur med vädret (till söndagen åtminstone) Det är alltid lika kul att träffa alla glada linedansare. Stugan till nästa år är redan bokad. Längtar redan tillbaka! Ett speciellt tack också till våra grannar Annika, Mikael, Daniel, Fredrik o. Basse, för att ni är så trevliga och att ni lärde oss en ny dans (Bears for my horses) Vi syns nästa år!

A special thanks to Astrid, for your enthusiasm and for the new dance, White Rose, hope to see you next year.
Regards from Gunilla, Anne, Mia och P.O (On Line)

Thank you too for your coming to us Its always funny to meet you, year after year.

AStars group make a great performance every year, and they always showing us the high quality when they dance.
We always wait to they´s coming year after year, specially Christoffer who have a hard time yesterday when we sayd Goodbye to them with dinner in Jönköping

Thank you for a lovely, if somewhat rainy, weekend. We have already booked two (!) cottages for next year A special thanks to Astrid for her enthusiasm and for playing Angie Stone Can we hope for a slightly bigger dance floor next year? And some dancing "divers-style" by Johan? Many hugs from Karin "Out of line"

Hi Karin,
Of course a lot of people has already booked up cottages. Its already ocupeded to the last one.
The dancefloor will be bigger the next year its already order the wood for that.
Also i have already looking after a 40 sqm tent for us as a roof over the table ther.
Welcome back to us with your friends
Favourite dance: Baila Mamita as usual ;-)

Tack för en underbar helg. Stugan är redan bokad till nästa år.
Vi vill också hälsa till våra underbara grannar Gunilla. Anne, Mia o P-O.

Thank you for a lovely weekend.
the cottage is already boked for next year.
Hope to see you next yer
Regards to Astrid.
Thanks for the Dance White Rose.
Many Hugs

Hi Annika o Mikael
Always funny to have you and your neighbors here. You are very welcome the next year again
What i know are the most cottage already boked up for next year.
Annika o Mikael
Favourite dance: JUKE BOX
Hi and thanks for a lovely weekend!!
I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as me. Allready longing for next year. Hope to go to Holland next year to if there is a trip there again.
Lots of dancing love to you all. Lill

Hi Lill
Thank you too for a very good job.
For Holland we make some privacy plans with some other dancers. The next year we not arrange the bustravel. If you will travel with us in your own car you are very welcome back to me. The year 2010 we make plans for bigger travel to Holland and AStars dancers event again.
Thanks again Lill
Love to see you on stage the next year again
Lill Kindgren-W
Favourite dance: Greystone