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Hej och tack för en trevlig dag igår, lördag! Vi tyckte det var så trevligt att vi direkt bokade stuga till nästa år! Vi ses då!

Thank you Annika it was very nice to meet you again after this years.
I can already inform you that the house are all rented out that weekend to dancers.
Send a big hug to your dancing friends too
Favourite dance: Mercy
Thank you very much Maria for taking my place today. I think that you were really great! I hope that you all had great fun and took the opportunity to dance as much as you could in the heat.
I will soon add pictures from today on my website; www.thepuzzle.info.se
I hope to see you again next year and I hope that I will be in better shape!

Hi Elina
We all wait for your come back with the great performance you doo
Hope you feel better now and can support The Puzzle as teacher soon again
What do you think aboute the weather on Sunday, they talk about a lot of rain????

Hi EwaMargreth
I check SMHI and the prognose was a little cloudy and possibilities for rain.
We are not worried and have a lot of good time together here We get a little rain yesterday too But the show going on as you know.
Come dance with us
Favourite dance: Youre my destiny
Greetings from Samos, Greece

Just wanna wish you all The Best Weekend Ever and Happy dancing in Mullsjö!

Hope the Weather Gods descide SUN not rain as last year.


Maria Graube, Hitch Hikers

Hello Samos and Graube, Sweden calling
We have a very good weekend with people fom over 35 clubs doing dance here A little rain today but as you know dance not stopped here. The show oing on.
We wish you all the best and of course we miss you
Astrid say Hi to you
Maria Graube
Where do I find the dance-list for HLSD 2008??

Hi Mysan
We not have dancelist. The dance you will performance you can send your list to Rolf the sheriff who will take care of your wishes.
You can also wish your dance when you are in place.
Welcome to us.

Favourite dance: All of the above
Nu börjar jag verkligen längta till första helgen i Juli! Jag har ju till och med, nästan, fått ihop schemat på sommarjobbet för att kunna vara med! Oj, vad det ska dansas!

Thats good Elina take the whole weekend with dance on HSLD If you get problems in your job with workinghours Just ask for support from the dancefloor We look forward to see you again together with all people from The Puzzle.
På denna länken kan du hitta en liten återblick på Pingsthelgen i Holland och AStardancers härliga dansevent. Sorry only in Dutch

On this link you found a small information regarding our visit in Holland and AStardancers unforgettable danceevent.
Cennet Karlsson
Favourite dance: Kill the spiders
Hej All,
Its hard to start normally live again after this Super WhitesunWeekend.
Thx. of all of u to make such a splendid evenement possible.

We now gathering the foto's and the stepsheets of the workshops. Wil Bos hasn't still written his new one on paper. After that we'll put them all on our homepage.

Hope to meet u again soon on HSLD

I have a hard days too her to put the new weekend in place again. Thank you for good arrangement Evert.

I have look at the photo, we have a wonderful weekend and look forward to meet you again the next year

Favourite dance: Irish Spirit
I'm glad you all came home safely.
We sure enjoyed the time together on the dancefloor.
I want to thank you again for the lovely present you gave me at my birtdayparty.
We'll continue in july.

Hello Astrid
Thanks again what can i say more then welcome to us.
last weekend was super!!

see you all in juli

love cindy

Hi Cindy,
Yes it was, we have a great time together
I belive we can meet again the next year in Arnhem Holland.
My warmest regards to all people i meet.
See you in Juli