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How are you today? Is someting new coming?
Listning tonight your perfect album Nothwind.

Willem L.Leeuw | 10/18/2013
Who is the female vocalist in tracks such as "Herr Peder Och Hans Syster" and "Ravenhair" ?


is the band still alive? What´s happenning sice January? Some news would be nice, just to know that something´s going on.


Johan | 8/16/2013

Hans | 8/16/2013
When is your next gig in Sweden? And where can I get tickets? :)

Jimmy | 8/15/2013
omg you need to come to the USA way more often :/

really glad to discover your band. My son in law turned me onto 'Viking Metal'; so far not not disappointed. Your sound is powerful, not wimpy like Therion! Keep kicking ass!

The fans in the states, and all over the world who are unable to attend one of your few shows would LOVE a LIVE DVD. Perhaps a show recorded while supporting the new album we are all desperately waiting for!! Can't wait.

Love everything you have done so far, can't wait for the next album. Europe rocks on :)

Tony Staples | 6/8/2013