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omg you need to come to the USA way more often :/

really glad to discover your band. My son in law turned me onto 'Viking Metal'; so far not not disappointed. Your sound is powerful, not wimpy like Therion! Keep kicking ass!

The fans in the states, and all over the world who are unable to attend one of your few shows would LOVE a LIVE DVD. Perhaps a show recorded while supporting the new album we are all desperately waiting for!! Can't wait.

Love everything you have done so far, can't wait for the next album. Europe rocks on :)

Tony Staples | 6/8/2013
Come on all of you FALCONERS!! expecting the new album soon!!!

Diego Pagliarecci | 6/8/2013
I can't wait for the next album! Just found them on iTunes in the power metal section and absolutely love them. I now have bought ever single album and enjoy all of them equally! Long live falconer, and may they retrieve the kings crown and all enter the glade!

Jabhalo3 | 5/13/2013
Will the next album come out this year(2013)? Could you maybe have some special box or something for people to preorder it? Would really want something more than the normal CD + shirt thing so many bands have. Maybe add a mug with the falconer-logo? Digibook? Flagg? Biography of the band?
Would really like if you did something like that :)
Vill annars bara säga att ni är underbara! Skål!

God of shadows | 5/9/2013
I can't wait to hear the new songs!!!!!! I love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ufxyyk l

seyahat etmek sıhhat bulmak gibi.. gerek her köşesi cennet gibi olan ülkemizde, ya da yurt dış& ;#305;nda herhangi bir yere gitmek.. hiç farketmez, AK-47

Retro Jordans | Homepage | 4/3/2013