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I can't wait to hear the new songs!!!!!! I love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ufxyyk l

seyahat etmek sıhhat bulmak gibi.. gerek her köşesi cennet gibi olan ülkemizde, ya da yurt dış& ;#305;nda herhangi bir yere gitmek.. hiç farketmez, AK-47

Retro Jordans | Homepage | 4/3/2013
Great to hear the news about the new songs! Love your music. It's unique!

Caro | 4/2/2013
I love hearing the news about the new songs! Love it! Love you guys, keep creating that amazing music! You rock so *#%*ing much!

Tobias | 3/3/2013
Falconer is awake!!! It's great news for me and your fans! For a long time I was curious what happens to you. I look forward to your new album. Please, record and release the album as soon as possible! Greetings from Poland.

PS Do sometthing with spam and other shits in your guestbook.

Przemas | 2/23/2013

ordinateur voyage (voiture modifiée dû passer par l'ordinateur correspondant à l'allumacge AK-47

Digimaster 3 | Homepage | 2/18/2013
Kul som fan att det rör på sig igen! Det har varit lugnt alldeles för länge nu =)

Per-Erik | 2/7/2013
New convert. Love the intelligent lyrics. Thank you!

Emmah Hazard | Homepage | 2/7/2013