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Would also love a live dvd but i would love it even moore if you could come to karlstad and play for us here in värmland soon.

Tobias Blixt
The new album is awesome. How about a live DVD for us fans in the states who will never get to to see you in concert??? I'm sure European fans would like it as well. It would definitely sell! Just a thought.....and a wish. Thx 4 being unique

matthew | 11/3/2008
hey it laura from canada love ur guys music its so awesome portals of light no matter how many times i listen to it still makes me cry ! you guys should play in toronto sometime!please for me and my sis? anyway keep up all ur awesomeness!

laura cousineau | Homepage | 11/1/2008
I'm looking forward to listening to the new album!
Also, I really hope to see you guys play on Wacken

I really enjoy listening to your music ;) Keep up the excellent work!

Haha, har älskar "clarion call" länge nu, sambon och jag lyssnar alltid på den i bilen och sjunger med. Men hade ju ingen aning om att ni var svenskar! Detta var ju riktigt kul. Ni är riktigt skickliga musiker!

La mejor banda de Power Folk que he escuchado!!
No cambien su estilo, ni a Mathias por otro Kristoffer ... Stefan y Jimmy hacen una excelente combinacion!!
Mas tours por favor, y esta vez incluyan Mexico!!!

Íå 9;ëîõî ;é ìàòå& #240;èàë. Æäó íîâû& #245; ïóáë& #232;êàö&# 232;é.

los amo.... me encantaa su banda son muy buenos musicos, me encanta la voz de matias es hermosa...
Colombia los espera

Laura | 10/28/2008
Fan vilken bra skiva den nya är !
Fortsätt på samma sätt !

The new album is perfect!!! it blow me away
It makes me want to learn Swedish, get on a airplane and see you live!

please come to Israel!!!

You are my favorite band in the word (along with maiden) )

love you guys!