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I like this article

MBT SHOES ON SALE | Homepage | 4/13/2011
Would be nice with some updates on the site!

G | 4/9/2011
Ever thought about updating the site???
You make the best music in the world but are terrible at keeping yor fans updated...
Feels a bit arrogant.

Come on now, a few lines of album progress or something. At least let us know you're alive.

Waiting for something.

Jörgen Antonssom | 4/8/2011
Hey guys!
Please go back on tour!
Come to Denmark! We live next door! Come on dudes

Dod, I do wish that one day you will come to the Netherlands.

Anárion | 3/28/2011
Srz gut, some new update about the coming release? =)

TIm | 3/25/2011
Keep up the good work guys!
Also pay our homepage a visit and give us you opinion about the T-shirts!

Over and out!

Andreas | Homepage | 3/17/2011

Rhamon | 3/4/2011
my first song by you guy's was wings of serenity.
i will never forget the fealing in the back of my sckul after that.
now half of my ipod is populated with your songs.
tanks for making such grat music

raphaela ratzlaff | 2/18/2011
I first found falconer by googling non screamo metal because I hate the screaming or bad voice of most metal bands, but I love the crazy guitar and drums. Falconer has a good singer and instruments, so when I heard Mindtraveler, I was blown away. This was exactly the type of music I was looking for. Falconer is the greatest band I've listened to in my life, love it!

Rocker393 | 2/15/2011