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wow,,please como to mexico metal city,,please
ypur music is fuckn great, your sound,all the material from falconer.

swedish metal never dies:¡¡¡mexico city wants you..
hey,,we have tequila,corona, girls , and a lot of fun....yeahhhhh

You should come to Norway! m/ m/

Martin | Homepage | 10/27/2009

You guys are the greatest! Please come to U.S. and tour! Swedish Metal rules!!!

Deh!Fantàs mi fases vignì al fuc di sant antonj!!Sis mejo da un tuc di salamp e frico!Ah di chèl bomp però!!Si viodim cà di rezzonic!friuç libar!!!
Vigghy et Mustachia!

Vidulis | 10/14/2009
Hello, Just visiting, like the site. I became a Fan this year now I am addicted to it. Hope to hear back about my question I asked on myspace.
Thank you,
The Bear

Dear Falconer, you have very speacial talent. You are the best powermetal group in the world. We love your song. Thanks god for listenning your songs:)

We are your fans from Turkey. As our friend mentioned before;
we are waiting to see you in İstanbul as sson as possible.

However your best album is FALCONER in 2001. however I'm still waitng for an album like falconer from you guys. It is the best powermeal album I've ever heard.and I know you can beat your record.

best wishes...

Magick | 10/5/2009
I loved that sounds since I've heard first riff of 'The Coronation' (my first song). :D
Hey, guys! Make some gigs in Poland! It'd be great!


your music is the best of the world

Falconer forever

german | 10/3/2009
Please come to Mexico
I really really love your music
I'ts Awesome!
You rock!
Kepp doing what you do best! Be Falconer!

Lugaid13 | 9/30/2009