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How can one compare sabaton and faloner - falconer are gods, and for sabaton, well no swearings in this sacred halls. I literally cried when i saw them live in wacken 07 and the new album gibes me goosebumps again, just like the old stuff. Would love to visit a concert in germany, common guys, grab mathias and make ur fans happy

M | 9/21/2015

Wish you'd make another trip the USA. I'd love to be able to come see you guys!

Ethan | 8/21/2015

your music is just awesome. I hope we will see you more often in concert!

Max. | 8/21/2015
I just discovered you guys. I have loved every song I have heard so far! I really thought I would never hear a band as good as Sabaton when I heard them, but I have found Falconer! :D

Max Chambers | 8/20/2015
Tack som fan för en underbar konsert i Falun!!

Robert | 8/16/2015
Great show at Wacken. First line, good sound, excellent.

Please, more tour dates in Germany!!!

Holger | 8/4/2015

Hi from Brazil! Falconer rocks!

Celso | 6/23/2015