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Where you guys are coming for brazil?
FALCONER RULEZ . is the best band over all
tnks for the music
think about coming here , there a lot of fans

Chiba | 9/9/2010
Hur går det med albumet? :)

G | 9/3/2010
Oh man why didn't I check this site a year ago!! I saw on your news section that you were coming to Camden and I got all excited only to find out I am over a year late You guys must come here again!

Richard | 9/1/2010
quando vão vir para o BRAZIL ?

emerson nizzoli | 8/26/2010

You hinted that the new material will be better suited for germans than americans.... How about for your fellow swedes? :)

Ihr seid die geilsten
Eure ersten beiden Alben brauchen einen würdigen Nachfolger!

ich | 8/4/2010
keep it up guys, you rock!

ILoveYou | 8/4/2010
As my fellow Falconer fan of Chile, I have to say that here in Mexico we are all also waiting for you!! Falconer in Mexico!!!

Tobias | 8/2/2010
Well Dear Falconer, WE are waiting for you in Chile long time ago!
is time to gomore far than ur dreams, the time is now!

Falconer in Chile!

Please release songs for RockBand ! Enter the Glade, Lament of a Minstrel, Clarion Call, and Portals of Light...for sure..and hey..throw in a new one for some extra exposure...I want to sing Clarion Call!

Shielah | Homepage | 7/20/2010