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megan | 8/8/2007

drtfh | 8/8/2007
Hi! You have wonderful music. Please come to Canada on your next tour. My brother and I wanted to see you perform for a while now.

Megan | 8/8/2007
Mighty hails to Falconer! I just want to thank you for the amazing music you produce. Your haunting melodies and vocal lines inspire me greatly. My girlfriend Tracy and me watched your set at wacken this year with was breathtaking! I have followed the Falconer clan for many a year now, even before with Mithotyn..Many many many thanks again!!!

Metal Regards!

Sam and Tracy

Vikingheart | 8/8/2007

I've discovered Falconer by and I'm waiting news for you in Spain soon!!!

You're great!

Iraklis | 8/8/2007

I just wanna say thank you for your great performance last Friday, it was the gig I enjoyed most at this year's WOA. Brilliant, it was such a great atmosphere. I also really hope to you see you again in Germany!

Matthias | 8/7/2007
I saw you at Wacken. GREAT !
I hope to see you in Germany again ! (might be in Munich ??? )

Achim | 8/6/2007
Thank you so much for this really great gig at Wacken, i never enjoyed singing "lalala" with a band so much, I'm looking forward to see you next time!

Felix | Homepage | 8/6/2007
HOLLY sh....!!!!
what a gig in Wacken the greatest of the hole festival.I hope you have the chance to get the video material and you can realese it sometime as a dvd that would be great.
thanx for your musik!!!

schlegel | Homepage | 8/6/2007
Fantastic gig in Wacken, guys! I´d love to see you in Germany again!

Absolutely amazing! We didn´t listen to other than Falconer records on our way home - all the 10 hours...

Timo | 8/6/2007