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Ja jag tycker ni rockar fett, Men som sagt spela en konsert snart i sverige och inte bara på en sviiindyr festival, vi vill se er.

jerry | 7/30/2007
i startet listening you music.. years ago.. and i have to say.. i love you music like i did in the past!..

greetings from austria!

Thanks you guys for all. You're play a grate music! Don't change yourself in the streeam of life.
Also we are wellcome you to Ukraine

Ravenlord | 7/25/2007
Spela någon gång i Sverige nu!!

Josef Nyholm | 7/25/2007
¡¡¡Sois los mejores!!! ¡¡¡You are the best!!! Venid a tocar a España, por favor. Come to Spain please!!!

Fer | 7/23/2007
you rock...

why don' you visit brazil and play here???

Jans | 7/22/2007
nu tycker jag att ni ska komma till Västerås:D:D:D då blir jag och polarna jävligt glada så nu tycker jag att ni fixar en konsär här!!!!1 NU DIREKT!!!!!!:D:D:D:D

danny | 7/22/2007
Come to canada lol

Personage | 7/22/2007
man shit ive just started to listen to u guys and man u r the best. but so far ive just heard one album but that was the best album ive heard for i while since metallicas master of puppets. just wanted to tell u guys that youre the best and take care

bobbex | 7/16/2007
Found your documentary on youtube and I'm really impressed. Seems like yesterday some of us where rehearsing in Karsten's barn. Karsten has always been a master when it comes to double bassdrums, and it's really nice to hear that Stefan still is influenced by nordic folk music. Fucking brilliant!

Take care, guys.

Henrik | 7/13/2007