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when are you guys goin to rock fla,usa???

Although i'm not a Swede, i'm expectantly looking forward to Armod. Your current swedish tracks are, in my humble opinion, the best you've made. Especially Skula, Skorpa, Skalk and Vargaskall are exceptional.
Being a dane means i understand *most* of the swedish lyrics, and i have to say, it's so simple, yet so beautiful.
With great respect

Athanasios | 11/15/2010
Your Swedish stuff in the past was some of my favorite music of /all time/, even though I don't know any Swedish. It's strikingly beautiful and the composition is always so sophisticated. I will be first in line when you release the new album...and first in line to buy a ticket if you tour the US anytime soon.

- An aspiring opera singer listening to vi salde vara hemman

Ellen | 11/5/2010
After reading your description for Armod I'm really looking forward to the new album. I love the folk songs on Falconer's past albums, many of them are my favourite tracks! And Swedish makes things sound a lot more interesting and authentic. Folk music is great and that influence is one of the best parts of Falconer's sound; if Falconer chose to stay with that direction I for one would definitely not be opposed!

All the best! Listening to Per Tyrssons döttrar i Vänge and eagerly anticipating the new opus.

Greg | 11/2/2010
En full album på Svenska? Jag ser fram emot till det. Jag lära mig Svenska och behöver hjälpmedlar, en album av bra musik är just perfekt.
Jag hoppar jag gjorde inte alltför mycket fel.

Hälsningar från Tyskland!

Jävligt bra musik. har levt i musik exil i 20 år. Ni är toppen bra, Kör hårt!

Hey you're so great, you should really consider about coming in france !

Kommer ett nytt album ut snart? Är väldigt nyfiken, hör gärna av er!

I am so thrilled that you will be releasing an album completely in Swedish. I've been a fan since The Sceptre of Deception and when you started making swedish folk-like songs I just melted. Vargaskall is the best thing to happen since the invention of the wheel. I'm really looking forward to it.

Most anything you guys is great,but cmon all swedish,not for me release it as a double swedish and English or release it seperately one in swede and the other english and see which sells better.I'll pass on this on.I'll buy the next one