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Falconer- you guys are amazing. For example, even my wife even commented whilst hearing beggars and thieves and she is not really metal head as myself😜 Hopefully you wil tour the U.S soon. If not, we will go see you in Europa! God bless and keep rockin!

Sent tack från sthlm, riktigt kul att jag hann se er spelning i Falun. Följt er länge. Er musik lyfter en tung dag!


Robin Öberg | 11/11/2015

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How can one compare sabaton and faloner - falconer are gods, and for sabaton, well no swearings in this sacred halls. I literally cried when i saw them live in wacken 07 and the new album gibes me goosebumps again, just like the old stuff. Would love to visit a concert in germany, common guys, grab mathias and make ur fans happy

M | 9/21/2015

Wish you'd make another trip the USA. I'd love to be able to come see you guys!

Ethan | 8/21/2015

your music is just awesome. I hope we will see you more often in concert!

Max. | 8/21/2015
I just discovered you guys. I have loved every song I have heard so far! I really thought I would never hear a band as good as Sabaton when I heard them, but I have found Falconer! :D

Max Chambers | 8/20/2015
Tack som fan för en underbar konsert i Falun!!

Robert | 8/16/2015