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You guys rock, I hope you tour in the US soon!

Ben | 6/4/2007
Hi Fellas!
I am a big fan of the band... so, i hope u will arribe some day in Argentina. U'll be very good welcome!

Pablo | 6/3/2007
Längtar till SRF, jimmy, då ska det gulping lagers! :)

Eddie | Homepage | 6/3/2007
Hej Mathias! Det är Juuuulia (den långa och mörka)! Jag och min snubbe kommer och lyssnar på er på SRF, ska bli underbart!!! Kramar från Kalmar!

Julia | 6/2/2007
Mathias has one of the most unique and perfect sounding voices I have ever heard in my life. I just recently got into Falconer, So I am unsure what happened with mathias. But I just wanted to say that Northwind is incredible. Every single song is perfect. Keep up the great Work!

Zach | 6/2/2007
Soon it`s time for Falconer to enter the stage of Sweden Rock. Can`t wait.......


I simply love Mathias voice... I'm really happy that he came back. Falconer with him is what i need... what else would make me feel better at my not-so-good days? :D this is guaranteed medicine for every sadness.
Thank you for your music

Karumis | 5/29/2007

I´m so happy,that you´re back.
Northwind is simply part of the best music ever.
You are indeed one of my Idols in singing.
Hope you´re comin back to hamburg again,cause i don´t care about that death an black metal stuff and all thos drunkards at wacken.

Lenny | Homepage | 5/29/2007
Impresionante! vuestro ultimo disco Northwind.
Cojonudo. Animo, que saqueis muchos discos y a ver se venis a tocar a MADRID!!

Mario Torrijos | Homepage | 5/18/2007
Guys, i'm so glad that you are together again. I have no new album yet, but i have trust in Stefan. Just go on, see ya soon.
Gutter, det gleder meg at dere er sammen igjen. Jeg har ikke deres ny cd, men har tillit i Stefan. Dere må bare fortsette son, vi ses snart.