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I am relatively new to your music. It is very good. I especially enjoy some of your swedish songs.


Hello from Germany!
Very good new album. I loved the first and second one and also a big fan of Mithotyn.
Please come to Wacken next year!!!
Wish you all the best...

Marcel | 10/3/2014
Hello from Bowden, WV USA

Amanda | 9/23/2014
I understand the decision, but could you please record one of your last shows and publish the video? Fan since the beginning!

Madigan | 9/21/2014
I will see you in Atlanta next September!

Kenon | 9/13/2014
Finally a new awesome album! You guys really could promote your stuff a bit more (homepage / social media / ...)

Nice! :D

Toni | 8/25/2014
Jag reser vart som helst i världen bara ni turnerar igen!!!

Josefine | 8/24/2014
greetings from Brazil!

ravengar | 8/24/2014
I adore this site - its so usefull and helpfull.