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Great soundbits, i am really looking foreward to the new album once again.
Hope too see soon some more merchandise and t-shirts on the site.
Cheers and good look fraom Denmark!

FALCONEEEEEEEER!!!We hope to see you in italy as soon as possible!I'm trying to build a falconer tribute band...

gianlu_singer | 7/22/2008
ye vore nice med nya t-shirts!
vill ju som sagt ha sitt favorit band på sin tröja, har dock 2 av era gamla t-shirtar men man får ju aldrig nog av Falconer!

rock on guys!

T-II | Homepage | 7/21/2008
Hey guys been a fan since the first album can't wait to hear the new disc! any chance of a tour to the USA? also please get more tshirts, some of us want to wear our favorite band!!!

all the best

stay epic

Jairus | 7/21/2008
best gruop on earth----and all the best compliments to mathias.....amazing original voice....bye:)

Romano | 7/21/2008
falconer is da best

laura | Homepage | 7/20/2008
I love your music since i heard you in wacken!!!
Please, you have to come to germany again!

Nya skivan verkar bli lovande.

Bastard | Homepage
Tja! någon som vet var och när Falconer spelar i Sverige?
Såg dom på Sweden Rock -07 och kan inte få nog

// K2

K2 | 7/18/2008
Ställ up i melodi festivalen vetja då får vi lite riktig musik ni äger alt hoppas ni vet de

Falconer lover | 7/18/2008