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Hey i´m Kerri from Germany.I love you JIMMY <3
you are so hot ! <3<3

Jimmy-Love<3 | 4/15/2008
Grymt bra :D cool hemsida

mvh D1

Gustav | 4/14/2008
Do anybody know where i can find the "portals of light" 's sheet music? please help me!

dragonfly | 4/14/2008

raisa | 4/14/2008
Your music is so powerful and intense. You know how make good metal. You have my respect. I wish you still making terrific cds like Northwind

Charlie | 4/12/2008
I am extremely happy to say that I haven't felt so excited after listening to a band for many years now!
I really enjoy your music and you have become in only three days one of my favourite bands among Kamelot, Sonata Arctica, Edguy, Dream Theater and Nightwish. You surely have your very own musical identity and that´s something you should be proud of.
My thing for Falconer was love at first "listen".
I hope you ever come to Argentina.

Pablo Ariznabarreta | 4/12/2008
Greatest Band EVER ! I just love the way your songs sound. I would like to see you guys at Québec, Canada. I might travail to Norway and Sweden this summer and I HOPE to see you in show. CHEERS !

Pier-Luc Faucher | Homepage | 4/10/2008
Falconer is the greatest band ever! I love your music! You are metal gods!!! Come "back" to Austria!!!!

Olli | 4/9/2008

Diego Pagliarecci | 4/8/2008
hej ni kommer nog inte i håg mig men det var sista året på 2000 decibel så sinera ni en kille på rumpan det e jag som blev det haha jag undrade om ni har kvar bilden skulle villja se den hehe och om ni har kvar bilder där i från skulle det var kul att se det hehe

mrevil84 | Homepage | 4/7/2008