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The last CD is the best of the Year!!!!!!! absolut klasse geil hammer Ihr macht geile Mucke weiter so!!!

Grüße aus Lobberich Markus

Markus | 9/17/2011
For some reason I can't listen to your music on Spotify. Will have to find another band to listen to then...

Ronny | 9/16/2011
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donghanjin | Homepage | 9/7/2011
Jag vill bara tacka er för er musik begåvning

Mange | Homepage | 9/6/2011
Hey guys, I really love your music! It's so much fun to listen to it and it never gets boring.

Keep on the great work. I hope to see you live someday, somewhere in Germany.



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chanel bags | Homepage | 8/31/2011
Hello guys, I'm Brazilian and I listning your songs just a few days ago, but I can say honestly that the band is really good, and I'm so happy and satisfied with your art!

Nataniel Schirmer | 8/30/2011
it is ok

The U.S. has been waiting a long time to see your faces again. Don't keep us waiting! =]

Heather | 8/22/2011
It seems that youve put a good amount of effort into your article and I want a lot more of these on the World Wide Web these days. I truly got a kick out of your post. I do not have a bunch to to say in reply, I only wanted to register to say fantastic work.