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Found your documentary on youtube and I'm really impressed. Seems like yesterday some of us where rehearsing in Karsten's barn. Karsten has always been a master when it comes to double bassdrums, and it's really nice to hear that Stefan still is influenced by nordic folk music. Fucking brilliant!

Take care, guys.

Henrik | 7/13/2007
Hey Falconer iam just thinking are zou real falconer or zou just heawe that Falconer name if zes thats cooooooooool if not zour alsou Cooooooooool

biber falconer from slovakia

biber | Homepage | 7/12/2007
Har aldrig hört Falconer live någon som vet om dom är bra live? Finns ju inte att hitta ett enda
live klipp någonstans.

Nyholm | 7/11/2007
You guys should come do some shows in America...specifically near chicago. I know theres a huge fanbase for you guys over here. Its unfortunate that some of my favorite bands like you guys and elvenking dont come over here. Keep up the awesome music cant wait for the new album

Coltan | 7/11/2007
I second what Dekel said, you need some live video, and not that stuff with Chris Gobel or what his name is.

Hallå grabbar =D ville ba säga att jag tycker det ä jävligt syd att ni inte ha släppt nån live dvd....

Robin | 7/9/2007
schöne grüße aus deutschland!!!

TiTTsBiTE | Homepage | 7/9/2007
First i'd like to say Falconer is a great band.
I love your music. Northwind is a masterpiece.

I find it dissapointing, that there are no live videos nor video clips of Falconer. I'd like Falconer to release a live DVD

Dekel | Homepage | 7/7/2007
Ummmm...Haha...No offence but the first couple times i heard you guys i thought it was ugly.....But now i utterly love your music and crave it haha. Thanks so much and keep it up.


Tiffany | 7/7/2007
hi falconer you are great just continue like that

mario | 6/30/2007