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fick en skiva idag av en vän och tyckte det var grymt! det visade sig att det var eran northwind.. ville bara säga bra jobbat! och fortsätt med arbetet! ha dé //hälsningar från gbg!

Come in France ^^

Crystal | 6/9/2007
Hey, I know you guys don´t have a lot of time and don't love making tours, but hey!, I love you! Your music rock men! Pls come to Brazil.

Your "biggest brazilian" Fan
Answer this xD

Edison | Homepage | 6/6/2007
What up Falconer?
I was introduced to you from one of my good friends who is an u and coming drummist and I myself dabble at the guitar a little so your music is very insperational and my guitde into the world of the metal gods.
Your fan,

Drew Perkins | 6/5/2007
You guys rock, I hope you tour in the US soon!

Ben | 6/4/2007
Hi Fellas!
I am a big fan of the band... so, i hope u will arribe some day in Argentina. U'll be very good welcome!

Pablo | 6/3/2007
Längtar till SRF, jimmy, då ska det gulping lagers! :)

Eddie | Homepage | 6/3/2007
Hej Mathias! Det är Juuuulia (den långa och mörka)! Jag och min snubbe kommer och lyssnar på er på SRF, ska bli underbart!!! Kramar från Kalmar!

Julia | 6/2/2007
Mathias has one of the most unique and perfect sounding voices I have ever heard in my life. I just recently got into Falconer, So I am unsure what happened with mathias. But I just wanted to say that Northwind is incredible. Every single song is perfect. Keep up the great Work!

Zach | 6/2/2007
Soon it`s time for Falconer to enter the stage of Sweden Rock. Can`t wait.......