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Stormreaver! You can read in the booklet that comes with the album that the name of the girl is Evely Jons. But of course, one has to buy the album to be able to read it...


Skivan landade i brevlådan idag. Låter bra, låter bra...
Lysande layout förresten.

Le Bastard | Homepage
you guys rock! please give more information as to who is the lovely female voice in backing vocals tracks 3 and 11

Stormreaver | Homepage | 8/28/2008
ska ni till sweden rock i sommar?

Rock on guys!

T-II | 8/28/2008
falconer just rocks me socks all of the time

Hi, the new website is awesome!
I'm a fan from Croatia and I'm waiting for Your gig somewhere close here.
Keep rocking!

Tomi | 8/27/2008
Hi! U gais rock!
Finally fou´nd your Website! Yay.
Enter The Glade = Best!!! Owns.
Thnx for exist XD

André | Homepage | 8/27/2008
When will the new webshop be up and running? Can´t wait to get a new t-shirt, you are going to get new t-shirts, right?

cynic73 | 8/27/2008
Yes! Skivan kom idag, har inte lyssnat klart än men den är ju skiiitbra!!!

Gillar också uppdateringen av hemsidan

cynic73 | 8/26/2008
idag kom Among beggars and thieves i brevlådan.
Måste ju säga att det är ett underbart bra album!

keep rock on guys!

T-II | 8/26/2008