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Vielen Dank für die wunderschönen
Lieder die Ihr der Welt geschenk habt.

Bitte macht so weiter.
Ein echter Fan

I would like to see some more updates, to see what u guys are working on. You guys are awsome!

Over and out!

Jobba på grabbar! hoppas på spelningar här i Sverige snart! :)

G | 8/14/2009
Yoyo, I just wanted to make myself clear in one thing... FALCONER + Wacken 2010 = True!

Hello from Belgium!! I've been listening to your music for a while already, and I absolutely adore it, especially the songs in Swedish! Next year I'm going to study Swedish in college, and it's wonderful to have a band I like + Swedish lyrics!

Thanks for playing great music and good luck in the future!!

Amina | 8/11/2009
Ojalá pueda verlos algún día en Colombia!! me encanta su música, me encanta la voz de Mathias me encanta Falconer!!!

Laura | 8/9/2009
I got introduced to your music today, and I'm already addicted. Please play again soon so I can come watch you live! Doesn't really matter where, I'll get to you ;)

I just cannot get enough of your music! I was first introduced to Falconer, a few months ago while working at CFXU-THE FOX, here in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, CANADA.

I played your song DREAMS AND PYRES of your album AMONG BEGGARS AND THIEVES, and my sister really liked it and was surprised that it was metal.

I play your album on my radio show THE JAGUAR'S DEN WITH J-JAGURAR, on the 93.3fm THE FOX.

I want everyone to know how great you guys are.

I hope to see you in concert some time.

Keep it real.

Cheerfully Yours,
Joanna Bisson

JOANNA BISSON | 7/30/2009
Any chance the band may record a heavy version of "Vi Sålde Våra Hemman"?

Jason K | 7/28/2009
So when are you coming overseas to share your music! OH CANADA!

canadian eh! | 7/26/2009
Oh man. Getting your old singer back , propably best choice you've ever made. I abandoned your band totally the "few" years back when you replaced him, but accidently ran into your albums again this year. And I'm glad to say this is again AWESOME. One of the best metal bands there is.

Keep up the good job, bring some more epic metal on us :)