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Jesteście najlepsi! Wasza muzyka jest super. Pozdrowienia od studentow informatyki
Bielsko Biala/Gliwice 2009

You are the BEST ! Your music is super. Best regards from the students of IT
Bielsko Biala and Gliwice 2009

Pawel | 8/21/2009
Vielen Dank für die wunderschönen
Lieder die Ihr der Welt geschenk habt.

Bitte macht so weiter.
Ein echter Fan

I would like to see some more updates, to see what u guys are working on. You guys are awsome!

Over and out!

Jobba på grabbar! hoppas på spelningar här i Sverige snart! :)

G | 8/14/2009
Yoyo, I just wanted to make myself clear in one thing... FALCONER + Wacken 2010 = True!

Hello from Belgium!! I've been listening to your music for a while already, and I absolutely adore it, especially the songs in Swedish! Next year I'm going to study Swedish in college, and it's wonderful to have a band I like + Swedish lyrics!

Thanks for playing great music and good luck in the future!!

Amina | 8/11/2009
Ojalá pueda verlos algún día en Colombia!! me encanta su música, me encanta la voz de Mathias me encanta Falconer!!!

Laura | 8/9/2009
I got introduced to your music today, and I'm already addicted. Please play again soon so I can come watch you live! Doesn't really matter where, I'll get to you ;)

I just cannot get enough of your music! I was first introduced to Falconer, a few months ago while working at CFXU-THE FOX, here in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, CANADA.

I played your song DREAMS AND PYRES of your album AMONG BEGGARS AND THIEVES, and my sister really liked it and was surprised that it was metal.

I play your album on my radio show THE JAGUAR'S DEN WITH J-JAGURAR, on the 93.3fm THE FOX.

I want everyone to know how great you guys are.

I hope to see you in concert some time.

Keep it real.

Cheerfully Yours,
Joanna Bisson

JOANNA BISSON | 7/30/2009
Any chance the band may record a heavy version of "Vi Sålde Våra Hemman"?

Jason K | 7/28/2009
So when are you coming overseas to share your music! OH CANADA!

canadian eh! | 7/26/2009