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i loved you, please going to brazil

marcelo | 5/11/2008
Hello! I just want to say that I wish and hope that you guys will record a new album soon! Can´t se any new news about a eventually progress this year!? Whats happnin at Falconer camp? /Tony from sweden
wrote it in english so that more people could understand! Keep on rockin DUDES!

Tony | 5/10/2008
come to Turkey pleaaase

Anıl | 5/8/2008
Can't wait for the new album!!!

Nomæd | Homepage | 5/3/2008
You´re so good!!!

Emma | Homepage | 5/2/2008
Conheci a banda faz pouquissimo tempo...e posso dizer com certeza está entre as melhores banda do apaixonei pelo estilo de vocês e agradeço até hoje o amigo que me apresentou vocês...parabén s pelo trabalho, grande abraço e boa sorte!!!

Marister | 5/2/2008
Just wana say you guys ROCK!!! When are you coming to the USA???

Andy | 4/28/2008
whay you cant come in Croatia in town Zadar.We are small and we dont have so many concerts.

death girl | 4/26/2008
tror inte att det bara är jag som längtar tills "Among beggars and thieves" släpps!
Ni är ju bara bäst, så är det!
hoppas att det kommer in nya t-shirtar när albumet släpps =)
Keep rocking guys!

T-II | 4/21/2008
Hejsan!! Jag älskar er musik! När kommer de in nya kläder/t-shirtar och album så man kan beställa?

Matilda | 4/21/2008