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Hi, the new website is awesome!
I'm a fan from Croatia and I'm waiting for Your gig somewhere close here.
Keep rocking!

Tomi | 8/27/2008
Hi! U gais rock!
Finally fou´nd your Website! Yay.
Enter The Glade = Best!!! Owns.
Thnx for exist XD

André | Homepage | 8/27/2008
When will the new webshop be up and running? Can´t wait to get a new t-shirt, you are going to get new t-shirts, right?

cynic73 | 8/27/2008
Yes! Skivan kom idag, har inte lyssnat klart än men den är ju skiiitbra!!!

Gillar också uppdateringen av hemsidan

cynic73 | 8/26/2008
idag kom Among beggars and thieves i brevlådan.
Måste ju säga att det är ett underbart bra album!

keep rock on guys!

T-II | 8/26/2008
Idag kom nya albumet med posten!! FYFAN VA DEN ÄGER:D NI HAR GJORT ÄNNU ETT MÄSTERVERK Hoppas på att få se er live nästa år! ha det bra// Mikael

Mikael Persson | Homepage | 8/25/2008
Hi there,

already all the years have gone by and always I listened to your music. Okay, there were weeks, I haven't done that, yeah. But I guess, you all know this... after weeks full of every day spaghetti, you don't want them anymore for a while.
Whatever... Now, that you published your newest album "Among Beggars And Thieves" the every day spaghetti time began again when you published the medley some weeks ago.

What do I want to say? Well, it is kind of easy: I love your music!
There never have been doubts about buying all your albums. Yes, "even" the Sceptre and the Grime one... Right now while writing these words I am listening to "The Sceptre Of Deception" song and think 'Awesome, Dudes!'
Yes, that album has a kind of other style than the other albums.. but after some rounds in the CD-Player it ran into the mind.

Hm... no, I am not drunken, even though it could be while reading that text here ;)

So, you all go your way and do that wonderful music. This is so fantastic! I hope I can buy still more albums in the future and who knows... perhaps I will see you one day live at a concert.
Go on, and even if you don't remember for what... remember all these posts here, the twinkling eyes at a concert or whenever the people listen to your music.

And now... I will finish my post, perhaps you won't read it. If so, just give a small sign to make a Long-year-Supporter really glad.
Take care of yourself and keep your health, it is the most valuable thing you can have ;)
Goodbye :)

Alex | 8/25/2008
Hi, you are great band. You have to go to Czech Republic!


there's a review about AMONG BEGGARS AND THIEVES on German webzine

Regards Reaper

Reaper | Homepage | 8/24/2008
Among beggars and thieves är bokad och kommer näsa vecka!

rock on guys!

T-II | 8/21/2008