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ni äger är så jävla bra alla i bandet äger.den nya cd äger allt

dennis | 2/18/2009
Hejsan, sidder og lyssnar på "Chapters..." just nu, jätte bra! Ligesom resten

Hoppas ni kommer till Danmark, Roskilde kanske? Eller The Rock i Köbenhamn...

Åh vad önskar att ni spelar i sverige snart !
Vill se live ! gärna igår

saxen | 2/10/2009
Ni är grymt bra, hoppas ni kommer på någon spelning nära Sthlm

Cajsa Falk | 2/9/2009
Hey! Your music is amazing! I love the voice to the vocalist! And the drummer is amazing to! I hope you will come to Norway once! Keep going!

Tob | 2/8/2009
Hello Guys :]
I just wanted to say that your music is amazing, though it's very hard to find here and America. My friends and I are going to be coming to Sweden just to see you guys! Keep up the amazing music.

Raven [From Montana USA]

Raven | Homepage | 2/6/2009
Hi guys, i listen to your albums since from the begining . I love your style and musical identity. I wish the best for you every time.. and you should know that , there are lots of falconer fans in turkey. :) one day, hope to see you in istanbul. Serkan from Turkey.

Serkan | 2/4/2009
Hi Falconers, i love your music , even though I'm surely not your youngest fan . Keep rockin' in your excellent style. Need you on tour and live !!! Best wishes. Thomas from Germany

Thomas | 2/1/2009
mm, var ett bra sätt att få folk att öppna ögonen för eran musik, hoppas bolaget tar och inser sitt misstag.
Nu får jag gå tillbaka till att lira skivorna!

Chrille | 1/31/2009
Synd på Spotify, kommer sakna er musik