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Håller ni på med något nytt? Skulle va extremt intressant i så fall

Viddernas Man | 3/21/2010
hallo jeg går med en drøm om å få dere til å spille på festplassen i vallset norge. hvor mye koster dere i utgangspunktet for en gigg?

vidar | 3/11/2010
Oh, I mean the new CD came out in 2008, sorry!

Daniel | 3/10/2010
Just found out you released a new CD in 2009 and it's the best so far! You just keep getting better!

Daniel | Homepage | 3/10/2010
I have an ide'a for a old movie theme song from the australian film Against the Wind that i know would be a winner if Falconer made a cover on .!
Its called Six Ribbons ..... Och sen en speciell hälsning till Karsten ,, kommer du ihåg vårat gamla band Dead Cemetery ,, hahaha ,, häls Carlsen .

T Carlsen | 3/6/2010
Saknar Chapters From A Vale Forlorn på Spotify! Har självklart skivan, men blir lite jobbigt att byta mellan programmen när man vill höra Clarion Call osv :)

Tomas | 3/6/2010
Is Falconer still on? I haven't heard any updates from them in like forever!! if Falconer dies... I WILL DIE!!! Falconeeeeer show me a sign that you are still one!!

Juanfe | 3/5/2010
I knew the Northwind album recently and all could think about it was: Imbelieveble!! The voice... the lyrics... everything perfect! Congratulations!! You guys have a new fan! I loved the other albums too and badly can wait for the next one!!

Who knows... someday... You couldn't play in Brazil?
Or... who knows... someday... I couldn't go to Sweden?

Orlando Giarletti | 3/5/2010
refresh that damn website!!!

holden | 3/3/2010
falconer....ano ther name of passion and power.................

SUMIT HALDAR | Homepage | 2/28/2010