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Greetings from Canada!

Falconer fucking rocks!!!

Lucas | 11/3/2017
I have been listening to your awesome music for almost 7 years, and I can't get enough!!

Any news on when you might be releasing another album??

Hoppas man får se ett livstecken från bandet snart, törsten efter en ny skiva börjar bli oumbärlig!

Now playing: Mindtraveller

Carl Ärdemyr | 10/22/2017
Hallå grabbar!
Tycker de e på tiden nu släpper lite nytt material.
Visst har ni en gäng sköna skivor i ryggen men hur vore det med ett par nya mästerverk?
Hoppas ni kommer i stämning snart å spelar in.
Rock on.


Stoffe | 9/1/2017
To the most unique metal band, I'd like to say thank you for the wonderful pieces of music you have made so far even though I am not a huge fan of your newer works. I truly hope you will continue to make amazing music and look forward to hearing more of you.

Please consider making more acoustic versions of your older songs, I just discovered the three currently on Spotify and they are fantastic!

Renato | 7/11/2017
Just wanted to tell you guys that I admire you a lot. I've been listening to you for a while and, honestly, I haven't heard anything else alike for the past ten years!

I admire Mathias' voice, strong and powerful, and I feel identified with it due to my voice being deep and from time to time I tend to sing for friends, and such.

I love you guys, hope you can come to Mexico to give a gig or two to your fans.

Erasmo | 5/8/2017
hallo guys.. i have been listning to your music for about 10 yers now.. my life have been a peace of shit and woorse, but your talents have holpe me trow that and i ust wanna tank you for your inspering tekst and mucic..... i know my englishe suck but what the fuck, you are klewer guys... keep going one!! see you...

Ronni Hansen | Homepage | 4/13/2017
Superb band and extraordinary Mathias Blad, one of my favorite bands and my favorite singer in the world! I can't stop getting mesmerized by Mathias' phenomenal voice! Your music has been a special part of my life and I just keep loving it more and more; thank you very much for the experience. Greetings from Brazil, hope you keep fascinating us with your exceptional songs for much longer!


Daniel | Homepage | 3/13/2017
Mindtraveller acoustic is so unbelievably beautiful. I'm just in awe of it. I really wish you toured in the USA. :( You'll never know how much Portals of Light has brought me through emotionally. It brings a certain sort of comfort that music today just lacks. Your music has depth and feeling and I'm so grateful I stumbled across your music so many years ago. Keep rocking! You're the best in the business. (But seriously... show some love in the USA! Come visit us!)

Latasha | 3/6/2017