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hallo guys.. i have been listning to your music for about 10 yers now.. my life have been a peace of shit and woorse, but your talents have holpe me trow that and i ust wanna tank you for your inspering tekst and mucic..... i know my englishe suck but what the fuck, you are klewer guys... keep going one!! see you...

Ronni Hansen | Homepage | 4/13/2017
Superb band and extraordinary Mathias Blad, one of my favorite bands and my favorite singer in the world! I can't stop getting mesmerized by Mathias' phenomenal voice! Your music has been a special part of my life and I just keep loving it more and more; thank you very much for the experience. Greetings from Brazil, hope you keep fascinating us with your exceptional songs for much longer!


Daniel | Homepage | 3/13/2017
Mindtraveller acoustic is so unbelievably beautiful. I'm just in awe of it. I really wish you toured in the USA. :( You'll never know how much Portals of Light has brought me through emotionally. It brings a certain sort of comfort that music today just lacks. Your music has depth and feeling and I'm so grateful I stumbled across your music so many years ago. Keep rocking! You're the best in the business. (But seriously... show some love in the USA! Come visit us!)

Latasha | 3/6/2017
bra blogg!

David | Homepage | 2/7/2017
Great music. I have been a metal fan for a few years now and Falconer is still my favorite band to listen to

Matthew D | 2/4/2017
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Markus | Homepage
Hi guys.I 'm from Brazil and I would like to congratulate you for the last album " BLACK MOON RISING", it's really fantastic and i'm waiting for the next anxiously.

orlei medeiros | 1/10/2017
Love You guys!

Thous where the days !!!!

The Band : norbert und die Feiglinge with the song: claudia hat ihre Tage ... These times, Hamburg in the Fabric - city Altona.

Martin Müller | 8/26/2016