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Efter ett uppehåll på mer än fyra år har Falconer och många många andra bra band funnit tillbaka till mitt hjärta (och öron) igen! Varför ett uppehåll? Ja säg den som hade ett bra svar på det! Det är mänskligt att fela Jag vill tacka för bra musik genom åren! Ni gör mig glada. / Sarah i Skåne

Sarah | 9/14/2010
Respect for you Falconer! The First and the Second Album from you are the best Metal CD's I have ever heard. I Love this Songs and hear it every day when i drive into work. I am working as an Baker and stand up at 1 o'clock and your music makes me so happy in the morning. Thank you for it. Greetings from Austria!

falconer in chileee

nikolas | 9/10/2010
falconer a chileeeeeeeeeeeee pos terremotooooooo falconer lo megor

nikolas | 9/10/2010
You are great. Please come to Bosnia!

Kirihi | Homepage | 9/9/2010
Where you guys are coming for brazil?
FALCONER RULEZ . is the best band over all
tnks for the music
think about coming here , there a lot of fans

Chiba | 9/9/2010
Hur går det med albumet? :)

G | 9/3/2010
Oh man why didn't I check this site a year ago!! I saw on your news section that you were coming to Camden and I got all excited only to find out I am over a year late You guys must come here again!

Richard | 9/1/2010
quando vão vir para o BRAZIL ?

emerson nizzoli | 8/26/2010

You hinted that the new material will be better suited for germans than americans.... How about for your fellow swedes? :)