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Respect for you Falconer! The First and the Second Album from you are the best Metal CD's I have ever heard. I Love this Songs and hear it every day when i drive into work. I am working as an Baker and stand up at 1 o'clock and your music makes me so happy in the morning. Thank you for it. Greetings from Austria!

falconer in chileee

nikolas | 9/10/2010
falconer a chileeeeeeeeeeeee pos terremotooooooo falconer lo megor

nikolas | 9/10/2010
You are great. Please come to Bosnia!

Kirihi | Homepage | 9/9/2010
Where you guys are coming for brazil?
FALCONER RULEZ . is the best band over all
tnks for the music
think about coming here , there a lot of fans

Chiba | 9/9/2010
Hur går det med albumet? :)

G | 9/3/2010
Oh man why didn't I check this site a year ago!! I saw on your news section that you were coming to Camden and I got all excited only to find out I am over a year late You guys must come here again!

Richard | 9/1/2010
quando vão vir para o BRAZIL ?

emerson nizzoli | 8/26/2010

You hinted that the new material will be better suited for germans than americans.... How about for your fellow swedes? :)

Ihr seid die geilsten
Eure ersten beiden Alben brauchen einen würdigen Nachfolger!

ich | 8/4/2010