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Hey guys!

Congraulations for your work, its amazing!

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Valinor | Homepage | 8/20/2008
You guys should come to Holland!!

André | 8/18/2008
Görbra och cool video!!
Önskar att det skulle finnas t'shirt att köpa genom sidan.
Vill verkligen köpa en!!!
Kommer definitivt att köpa det nya albumet.
// f.d. Mjölbybo

cool Video ju
Från vadstenaslott ser jag

Kammar | 8/12/2008
Älskar er musik!! Mathias är definitivt sveriges bästa sångare . Kan knappt vänta tills jag har ert nya album i min ägo.

Silverspider | 8/9/2008
falconer is a very great band and unique in their own way love the music keep it up especially the medieval type of music very beautiful from a fan here in the caribbean trinidad

Leonidas Pitman | 8/9/2008
Greetings from Germany - your kind of Folk-Metal is the best of all ...I hate those growling-awfull singers in Folk or Viking-Metal, glad that u have such a brilliant vocalist and of course very good and melodic musicians, happy that the new CD will come out soon - bye from me, Thomas

Tom Z | Homepage | 8/6/2008
come 2 houston texas some time lol, and bring along some of you euro touring friends, Kamelot ,dark moor, epica , hammerfall , blind guardian that would be a show i would pay big to see

annon | 8/5/2008
You guys are friggen fantastic...can't wait for the new album! Please come to the US sometime!

Eth | 8/5/2008
I saw you last year on the Wacken open Air in Germany, and really liked it, though the singer seemed to have lost his voice.
Great Concert never the less, thank you :D

Joe Montana | 8/4/2008