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Among beggars and thieves är bokad och kommer näsa vecka!

rock on guys!

T-II | 8/21/2008
Jag tycker att ni borde göra Cross Emotional Skies fast med Mathias sångröst istället

Sebastian | 8/21/2008
Hey guys!

Congraulations for your work, its amazing!

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Valinor | Homepage | 8/20/2008
You guys should come to Holland!!

André | 8/18/2008
Görbra och cool video!!
Önskar att det skulle finnas t'shirt att köpa genom sidan.
Vill verkligen köpa en!!!
Kommer definitivt att köpa det nya albumet.
// f.d. Mjölbybo

cool Video ju
Från vadstenaslott ser jag

Kammar | 8/12/2008
Älskar er musik!! Mathias är definitivt sveriges bästa sångare . Kan knappt vänta tills jag har ert nya album i min ägo.

Silverspider | 8/9/2008
falconer is a very great band and unique in their own way love the music keep it up especially the medieval type of music very beautiful from a fan here in the caribbean trinidad

Leonidas Pitman | 8/9/2008
Greetings from Germany - your kind of Folk-Metal is the best of all ...I hate those growling-awfull singers in Folk or Viking-Metal, glad that u have such a brilliant vocalist and of course very good and melodic musicians, happy that the new CD will come out soon - bye from me, Thomas

Tom Z | Homepage | 8/6/2008
come 2 houston texas some time lol, and bring along some of you euro touring friends, Kamelot ,dark moor, epica , hammerfall , blind guardian that would be a show i would pay big to see

annon | 8/5/2008