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Äntligen kommer ett album på svenska! Jag avgudar visserligen både era svenska och engelska låtar. Så länge ni har folkmusik som grund kan ni räkna med att jag köper era album!

Emma Andersson | 10/13/2010
Only got to know u guys kick ass!!! ROCK ON:)

Hello :)
I'm your fan since Northwind (I love Himmel Sa Trind... and all your songs!).
Please, come to Colombia. You're a awesome band, i love your swedish songs.
Long live Falconer!! :)

A Colombian Fan ^^

Leslie | 10/9/2010
I just loved to know that a new album is coming!! Also loved the live videos!! It's good to see one of my favorites band working hard! The news of a full swedish speaken album surprised me. I like the songs in swedish, but they sound like bonus tracks, you know? I won't be able to sing... that's so bad.

Long Live, Falconer!!

A Brazilian messege, from a big fan!

Orlando Giarletti | 10/8/2010
You're a FAROUT band.....ROCK ON:)

changeling | 10/6/2010
I think the new album will be Awesome, don't let the naggers get on your nerves. They will always be there. And you wrote that the majority of the songs still will be I can't wait for it

Agree - An album only with swedish folk-songs is at petty waste - and you are gonna lose a lot of fans - until you return to what works. Aint gonna buy this record. Please don´t do it

Peter | 9/30/2010
Sorry guys,but the news about your new album just sucks.If you want to stay on the international stage,you have to sing in English.The SWEDISH language maybe sound good for you ,but not to the rest of the world.I love your music,but if you will sing swedish on your next album,I wont buy it and I wont be the only one.What you try to do is suicide.Totally idiotic idea.Please don't do it!!!!!

Daniel | Homepage | 9/30/2010
would be nice if you updated the tours/gigs list. Its not really up to date.

Rock on guys!

Ser fram emot det nya albumet!

I'm Franco, your biggest argentinian fan. You're awesome, guys. Falconer for ever!!!

Franco | 9/25/2010