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You guys have really good guitar parts and your music is well written! I am glad to be a new fan!

Ryan Schreck | 6/19/2011
"To promote this album in the true Falconer style we will take a year off to do other things"

I'll probably have quite a long (and grey) beard by the time Falconer will do some international gigs again? (or let someone arrange one)

Still, keep it up!

The new album is great! Love it!
Now, it would be nice, with an update on the site, it's generating some errors. And yes, another neat thing would be to see you guys on Twitter and Facebook for quick updates and other neat stuff. Would be nice to hear more from you guys! :)

After listening to your music I fell in love with Swedish language. Your awesome songs in Swedish had even inspired me to study Swedish language!
Looking forward and can't wait for your new "fully Swedish" album! *thumbs up*
Best Regards from Russia :)

Been buying your stuff since emusic debut. keep it comin'

Amanda Zuehlke | 6/8/2011
Hey guys! You are the best!!!!!!!!!! Love love love your music :)

MaryMetal | 6/6/2011
Love your music. So glad you have a new album out with our returining favourite singer!


Ann Rivet | 6/5/2011
Hello there, greetings from Germany
we all here enjoy your music so much; you're awesome
Hope you'll tour through Germany after the release of "Armond".
im gouing to travel to stockholm in my summer vacncy in august anyway. Hopefully you play anywere in stockholm this period.

Jetpackfreak | 6/1/2011
Hello! Når kommer det nye albumet ut??

Synes aktiviteten på hjemmesiden er så inaktiv. Venter spent på å høre nye sanger fra dere! ;) Stor fan!

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