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Önskar ni kunde spela lite i Sverige. Är ju trots allt ert hemland.

Hampus | 5/14/2011
Well.. There is a release date on Metal blade, but why not on this site?

G | 5/2/2011
You are awesome
come to Poland it isnt far from Sweden

There would be nice with an update guys?

G | 4/27/2011
There are not much progress here!!!

Peter | 4/25/2011

KoRnPB | 4/15/2011
I like this article

MBT SHOES ON SALE | Homepage | 4/13/2011
Would be nice with some updates on the site!

G | 4/9/2011
Ever thought about updating the site???
You make the best music in the world but are terrible at keeping yor fans updated...
Feels a bit arrogant.

Come on now, a few lines of album progress or something. At least let us know you're alive.

Waiting for something.

Jörgen Antonssom | 4/8/2011
Hey guys!
Please go back on tour!
Come to Denmark! We live next door! Come on dudes