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The only bad thing i can say about you guys is that you physically can't make albums quick enough. All listening to among beggars and theives did was make me want MORE!!!!!!!! :)

Falconer is the best!!!!Is there any chance for a concert in Belgrade-Serbia???

Nikola | 1/9/2009
Come to the U.S. soon, guys! We can't wait to have you! Keep making awesome music!

Henry | 1/5/2009
Better metal does not exist. Period.

Loom | 1/1/2009
gott nytt år

MALIN | Homepage | 1/1/2009
Hey guys, come to germany soon, we expect you since your gig at the hamburger Markthalle in I think 2005!!!

Just got tuned to your latest album, amazing as I expected. Been listening since 2003, and will keep listening, as always, I am impressed and bewildered by your talent!

Q | 12/25/2008
Hi guys! Your music make me happy but sas at the same time. Please, come to the Czech Republic. There are so many fans who would like to see you live. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Falconer rocks!!!! Falconer forever!!! My faves are Catch the Shadows,Mindtraveller and Wings of Serenity. Power Metal dominates!!! Keep on Rockin', Falconer!

Tack för en grym skiva och för ett mästerverk i Dreams and pyres