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Jag sitter nu i Karlstad och hoppas på att ni en dag kommer till oss värmlänningar o spelar, vi är väääldigt många som hoppas på det!
Ha det gott killar!

I LOVE YOUR MUSIC!!!! Especially the song "Mountain Men" from your new album. Really awesome!!!

maren | 9/16/2008
Hey Guys,
I'm planning to go to your concert in the US and me and my brothers in arms are going to rock out.
Keep Rockin'

Zack Fredock | 9/16/2008
Hi Guys,
I just bought your new album and I have to tell you how great it is.Your music is very special,one of a kind.My only regret about the new album are the non english songs.I meen you should have put them as bonus or something and sing that 3 songs in english also.
Cheers and keep rockin'

George | 9/12/2008
Rock on!
One of my favorite bands!

Danilo | 9/12/2008
Hi, I`m 15 years old i`m mexican and i love falconer.
Falcones is the best band of the world!


Vengan a mexico porfavor!!!!!

daniel | 9/10/2008
Hi, I'm a 16 years old girl and I love falconer... The musics I like most is:
*Chlarion Call
*Entering Eternity
*Enter the glade
*Portals of light
*Upon the grave of guilt
Falconer rocks!!!

Amanda | 9/8/2008

just wanted to leave a comment that i bought your new album last wednesday and since have listened to it quite a lot already...

what can i say? it's absolutely awesome!

although i really didn't like your "sceptre..." and "grime.." albums all too much and northwind was... well it was a lot better again but it didn't quite convey the "falconer magic" to me. but among beggars and thieves is even better than your excellent chapters from a vale forlorn!

a totally brilliant album! nothing less than that


Bas | Homepage | 9/7/2008
de va de värsta. hur har jag kunnat missa de här ? de e ju de bästa svenska metal jag nånsin hört ! mera låtar på svenska vore inte fel. KANONBRA !!! fortsätt så här ! ni har fått ett nytt fan i mig !

Erik | 9/7/2008
greetins from greece!
awesome new album!!! mat, your voice is out of this world, man!! hope to see falconer live in greece some day.
cheers!! watch out for ICY VALE!!!

tolise | 9/7/2008