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Fy fan va bra ni är

Rocker | 6/19/2009
Can you guys PLEASE come to somewhere around south-east Pennsylvania or mid-Ohio SOON!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE WITH SUGAR ON TOP!!!!!! I know quite a few people who would be elated to hear you were comeing!!! (in case you have not realized, i am one of those people!)!

If you don't come i will be irked If you do i will be happy

A REAL FAN!!! | 6/12/2009
Hello Falconer, I just discovered your band and i must say that you are at the moment my favorite band. I just love the mixing with had riffs, folk and Mathias wonderfoul voice. I hope that you will continue your work in the studio and realese more of your great music, the only thing that i can think of that is bad with you is that you braely play live . Come one you have lots of fans and there should probably be more if you had more gigs. At least you could play a litle more in sweden so that i can see you
By the way, love the new album, A Beggar Hero is beauteful.

Robin Strömhäll | 6/12/2009
hey .. u rock .. but i think your tour should take a trip throw Dennmark !

noa s | Homepage | 6/12/2009
Hi! I'm from Poland. Come to my country! You have many fans here. You're the best powermetal band ever!

shavooda | 6/10/2009
Hey! Just passing by to tell you that your music is pure awesomness and that Montreal, Canada screams for you to come play here!!! Always hoping, and always will of course all while listening to the music!

Sarah | 6/9/2009
hey! you`r music is really amazing!!
pls come to germany more often....


hans | 6/6/2009
this good group will enjoy a lot of people if they come to Russia =)

Arinka | 6/3/2009
Här surfar man runt på youtube och vad märker man. Mattias Blad har varit tillbaka sedan 2006 och jag visste inget!! Är ju så man skäms, Gött nu går det äntligen lyssna på er igen. ska snarast införskaffa de två senaste albumen :)

Rev | 6/2/2009
Please come to South Korea!!!

Kim Min jung | 6/1/2009