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You have one of the most unique and interesting sounds of any band that I listen to. I play your CDs all the time and never get tired of them.Mathias's voice is just simply amazing, it makes the music sound so much more mystical. Ya'll should really come to Texas, I would love to see Falconer live!

Stephen | 9/26/2007
Your music is amazing! Even though matthias doesnt really like metal music he does his job awesome! Keep on doing the kind of music you´re doing now! I love your music!

Chrissy | 9/25/2007
Rock on guys!
Falconer Rocks! ! !

T-II | Homepage | 9/25/2007
hi, i am a fan from argentina, and i wanna know if falconer can come to play here in my country.
Let me know when falconer is doing a tour in south america. thank you. godbye

Pablo zarate | 9/25/2007
Grazie per la vostra bella musica!!!! Mi piace.....!!!!!

Alessandro | Homepage | 9/24/2007
Portals of Light er den fineste sangen noensinne<3

Ingrid<3 | 9/24/2007
När jag nu äntligen fick ändan ur och skulle köpa Northwind, så fick jag höra att den var slut hos leverantören. Vadan detta? Ge hit!

Per B | 9/24/2007
Har ni inte fler gig än vad som står på hemsidan eller är ni bara lite dåliga på att uppdatera? Jag skulle iallafall vilja att ni spelade lite mer .. Ni är asbäst! Kram elln

elln | 9/23/2007
Thankyou for existing and being one of the best bands I've ever had the pleasure to listen to. Your songs make my heart soar... Joyce in Boston, USA

Joyce Natale | 9/18/2007
I've always loved your music since your 1st album.
Keep on rocking!
Roby (Venice, Italy)

Roby | 9/17/2007