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Just got the new cd, "Among Beggars and Thieves", and I love it. It has great classic medieval metal influences. Great solid vocals and musicianship. Tour the USA !!!

Daniel | 10/13/2008
Jag diggar er musik hårt! Jag lyssnar varje kväll på er efter en tuff dag i lumpen. Hoppas att ni kommer på Sweden Rock eller Wacken nästa år!

Helmer | 10/10/2008
up the irons


adalid | 10/9/2008
Great music. Ajjamen! I just love Finish and swedish power metal!!!You are really great!! I wish we had as good music in Norway but we don't, only screaming and yelling(Death and black metal. Shame on us. Jag älskar er musik!
hail from Norway

Freedom fighter | 10/8/2008

Jag älskar er musik, min 9 månaders dotter Nemi rockar till er i bilen. Tack för sån grym musik. Keep on going strong!!

Marica | 10/5/2008
Jävligt bra skiva, hörde er på bandit och ni rockar

Johan | 10/4/2008
Hey, make a tour! I want to see a concert!

Pablo Benigno | Homepage | 10/2/2008
Hi guys!! New album rocks !!!!
we wait for you in Italy

Come on, guys! You really need to start pumping out some merchandise! Or if you already have, get it over here to the United States. You have some die-hard fans out here!

Nick | 10/1/2008