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hello my name is tayfun ffrom turkey

ı like so much falconer and heavy metal

my favourıte song :wings of serenıty

You really inspire me. Hope to see you one day in Spain.

Piluky | Homepage | 10/15/2007
Fortsätt med det ni gör gubbar, ni gör hårdrock vackert

I may be a sheep with a fucken zipper up my ass, but you are one of the best metal bands I have ever heard. I love your music and your style of metal. I think it touches my Scottish blood and makes it boil in delight. Your cover of Northwind is my desktop back ground abd when I bought your album I thought that nothing could beat this cover, but your music did! Thank you for the awesome music!

Bäst bäst och åter bäst. Mer behövs ej sägas. Har tom tattuerat in en del av era låt texter. "Yield to the beauty and soon you will waltz with the dead"

Hoppas att någon gång få träffa er personligen.
Lycka till! Längtar redan efter nästa platta!

You're one of the best Bands since a long i've heard

I hope I see you one day in Germany

l liiiiiiiiike your muusic thanks ! I hope to see you one day...

hi Falconer!!! realy good band!!!
I hope one day come to my country,Uruguay (south america)

Daniel | 10/7/2007
hi guys!!!!what can i say....?thank you for your great music!!i love it!!i hope to see you soon here in Milan!!

gianlu singer | 10/5/2007
You guys sound great over here in the U.S.!
There is a great internet progressive rock & metal station that has 6 of your cd's listed there for anyone to request & listen to through this great station. Falconer, stop by some time and say hi on the tagboard. Or anyone else for that matter. Or check out and check it out. Keep up the great work, you guys rule!

Kite | Homepage