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Is that a US tour i sense??? Keep Milwaukee on your list!

Kyle | 5/2/2012
What is love?
Is a wonderful addition: a miss with a miss, 15 will be able to become the moon.
Are an extraordinary hearing: Even across the mountains, but also exciting to hear each other's heartbeat.

Your music is so unique and i can't stop listening to it!!!! Please come to the USA. Atlanta, GA. would be great but anywhere in the US i'll be there.


cialis | Homepage | 4/14/2012
Hej där. Nån spelning på gång? Getaway rock kanske?

Henke | 4/11/2012
ur music! It's so much fun to listen to it and it never gets boring.

ya'll did Fucking awsome with combining opra and heavy metal. ya'll rock it would been sweet if ya'll came to Roanoke , VA or Lynchburg, VA.

Treywade | 4/3/2012

Linda Canapp | 3/30/2012
Thanks guys for the awesome music! Took me a while to appreciate for I had been into a bit different powermetal with large emphasis on harsh vocals. But after listening to your songs, I really began seeing the beauty and splendour they hold.

Best wishes from Iceland!

Man you guys are so awesome! The composition, your performance as musicians, the voice of are really an inspiration, thanks for making such great music!

Andreas | 3/27/2012