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I can't wait for your new album, and i hope there will be a lot of songs in swedish on it, i can't understand it but they are beautiful :)

Matthias | 5/21/2010
Hello Guys glad to hear that u recording a new album. Now when u are in recording time, can't u guys do a Tribute song for Dio ?? Would be nice. With Stefan skill to write songs and Mathias Vocals it would be the greatest tribute ever. Rip Ronnie James Dio.

Johnny | 5/18/2010
Okay you guys, Your great, your one of the best. when I heard that you guys were releasing a new album, My mouth dropped in awe, its the eyar of metal releases, and yours is at the top of my list, Can't wait, I love you guys, and keep up the great work, for The work that you guys bestow is just amazing.

Dylan | 5/13/2010
I fell in love with your songs!!!
I've never been so obsessed with a group till now!! Great job!!

Greetings from Italy! ^w^

Love your music sooo much. Please come to South-west Germany!!!

yOu are amazing!
Greetz from Germany =)

Vaunic | 5/6/2010
Love your stuff. Hope you'll tour Australia soon! When can we expect another offering.

legion | Homepage | 5/5/2010
You are awesome!!!

PLZ Come to BAZIL!!!

Henrique Oliveira | 5/3/2010
await falconer someday play mnitour in mexico

benjamin guzman ruiz | 4/27/2010
Ny platta på gång, alltså?! Men inspelning först i oktober... Aargh... Goda nyheter iaf, ser fram emot det!

Johan | 4/20/2010
Shit grabbar, när ska ni ha en hederlig, neutral spelning här i Sverige och gärna här uppe i Norrland Måste säga att jag längtar till ert nya album när det nu kommer, ta den tid ni behöver. Jag lär nog kunna vänta

Donald | 4/7/2010