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Yours music is a pleasure, lyrical and mighty. Best regards from Russia. Keep rockin'!

tja ni äger alla band cool

dennis | 6/15/2008
Please come to Buenos Aires. You are the best. I love your music.
Franco: no sos el único que escucha Falconer (aunque en realidad no somos muchos por aca). Desde hace unos años es una de mis bandas preferidas y no puedo dejar de escucharla. Espero que algún día vengan, no pierdo la esperanza.
Cariños desde Buenos Aires (Grettings from Bs. As. Argentina)

Andrea | 6/14/2008
You are 1 of the best bands that I know. COME TO BELGIUM!!!! Great cd's. Metal rules!

Längtar som fan till nya albumet!

ZooG | 6/11/2008
Come to Quebec Canada!

Yan Beauchesne | 6/10/2008

greets from germany,
i bought all your albums so far
and cant wait on the next one,
i even started att läser svenska på en kurs at university to understand all your lyrics

Kris Wojcikolski | 6/5/2008
Looking foreward to the best album this Year, hope soon to see some Falconer merchandice again, my t-shirt has seen better days

Hans Langholz | Homepage | 6/4/2008
Great music!!!
Mathias is a great singer hope to hear more on the next album

a big hello from germany^^

max | 6/3/2008