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I cant wait till you release the new album, it could be half as good as Northwind and I'd still buy it

Jag vill ha en t-shit, skaffa nya för tusan!

you are the most orginal metal band!
are great

greetings from Argentina!

Juan Pablo
Håller med Tompa!
Nu får ni allt ta och komma hit till göteborg!

ågren | 7/11/2008
hey cant wait for the new album it will own but seriously get your selves on a uk tour im not shure you have ever been here but i have not seen you tour here since i first found you
you have to do uk tour on this album

cam | Homepage | 7/9/2008
You guys rock!!!!!! I hope you come to America, the east coast some time. I have been telling everyone about you guys..........

ash | 7/7/2008
Beste hilsningar fra Noreg!!!

Glede meg t den dagen Falconer ska spela i Rogaland!!

Trygve William | 7/4/2008
Hörrö nu får ni ta o komma till Göteborg och rocka snarast!

Tompa | 7/1/2008
You need to make a gig to finland :D really much fans here :D

Onop | 7/1/2008
Greetings from Turkey!!!
Falconer, my all time favorite band !
Too sad Turkey is away from SWE / GER :( can't see you alive but someday i want to meet you guys and take autographs (:

Now being so excited abouy, awating for the 6th album. I'm sure it will be as amazing as the other 5.

Take care!

Muammer | Homepage | 6/28/2008
Long gone by is one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard, the lyrics, the melody, everything is just nice, you rock guys... You must come to south America there are plenty of falconer fans up here... best regards from Peru

Ruryk Flores | 6/23/2008