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Så gött att ni ska lira i Falun i sommar!
Får man önska en gammal goding... "En kungens man" på erat egna suveräna sätt?<3

Jessica | 11/10/2014
And now, I read the main page. Dangit, missed the window, and the Atlanta show is sold out. I am very bummed now! Will have to settle for CDs / MP3s. Dangit.

Sal | 11/5/2014
So do you ever tour in the U.S.? I would LOVE to hear Falconer live!!!

Sal | 11/5/2014
Snälla fixa en spelning snart, gärna i goa Östergyllen =)!

Stefan J
I am relatively new to your music. It is very good. I especially enjoy some of your swedish songs.


Hello from Germany!
Very good new album. I loved the first and second one and also a big fan of Mithotyn.
Please come to Wacken next year!!!
Wish you all the best...

Marcel | 10/3/2014
Hello from Bowden, WV USA

Amanda | 9/23/2014
I understand the decision, but could you please record one of your last shows and publish the video? Fan since the beginning!

Madigan | 9/21/2014