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Well Dear Falconer, WE are waiting for you in Chile long time ago!
is time to gomore far than ur dreams, the time is now!

Falconer in Chile!

Please release songs for RockBand ! Enter the Glade, Lament of a Minstrel, Clarion Call, and Portals of Light...for sure..and hey..throw in a new one for some extra exposure...I want to sing Clarion Call!

Shielah | Homepage | 7/20/2010
Hope You won't change Your direction too much... Since the beginning till now You are my favourite band... Hope new material will be similar.. regards from Poland

Hej Vill bara säga att eran musik värkligen är den bästa som finns. ni har Mäktiga låtar som får en att tänka. Jag skulle gärna vilja se en av era konserer men jag har tyvärr inte pengarna till det! Önskar jag kunde spela och sjunga som er. Ha det gör. Mvh Petter(Ferdinand) Lydemar

Petter Lydemar | 7/8/2010
You guys are epic! I love your music, its something I'm always glad to hear on random play! Even my parents like it! If you'd toured in America, (east coast with gig on saturday in Pitt or DC) I'd definitely go to see you guys.

Kyle Lee | 7/7/2010
How long will it take to hear new material? It´s time

Marco from Hamburg | 7/4/2010
Ja när är det klart? :)

Hur går det med det nya albumet? :)

Rock on guys!

Will you come to serbia? I would like if you can answer to my mail... I would love so much if you would come to Belgrade it would be the best day of my life XD

Mantior | 6/23/2010
I am a new fan of you, and I must say i totally love you guys. I'd love if you come to sweden and play!

Hampus | 6/19/2010