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p.s. i dont know what the lyrics of himmel si trind means because i dont speak the language but it rocks so hard its not funny, maybe you should consider adding in a few tunes in your native tongue into the next album you do. It just sounds so good, i have to turn the stereo up to full!!!! :)

I only stumbled upon you guys by chance recently, you have some of the best metal i have ever heard!! Keep up the tales that swirl in the mist of legend, your band is pretty much perfect as it is. Amazing vocals amazing lyrics, kicking riffs, themes about when humanity had a purpose. Truely the most interesting music i have heard in a long time, maybe ever!!!! i'd love to see you guys live

Ni borde verkligen göra er version av Flickan å kråkan.

Synd att det är så svårt att få tag på allt extramaterial, hade en konungens man, men den försvann

i loved you, please going to brazil

marcelo | 5/11/2008
Hello! I just want to say that I wish and hope that you guys will record a new album soon! Can´t se any new news about a eventually progress this year!? Whats happnin at Falconer camp? /Tony from sweden
wrote it in english so that more people could understand! Keep on rockin DUDES!

Tony | 5/10/2008
come to Turkey pleaaase

Anıl | 5/8/2008
Can't wait for the new album!!!

Nomæd | Homepage | 5/3/2008
You´re so good!!!

Emma | Homepage | 5/2/2008
Conheci a banda faz pouquissimo tempo...e posso dizer com certeza está entre as melhores banda do apaixonei pelo estilo de vocês e agradeço até hoje o amigo que me apresentou vocês...parabén s pelo trabalho, grande abraço e boa sorte!!!

Marister | 5/2/2008
Just wana say you guys ROCK!!! When are you coming to the USA???

Andy | 4/28/2008